Inflite Media has positioned itself as a gateway between advertisers and the premium audience of Canadian vacation travelers, playing an integral role in the development, sale and execution of airline advertising campaigns. Inflite Media has partnered with Canada’s leading charter airlines to become the exclusive provider of Tray Table Advertising in the Canadian market. Inflite also offers a number of additional onboard and “pre-departure” mediums to reach this elusive audience at various touch points throughout their travel experience.

Inflite Media works closely with its partner airlines to deliver tray table advertising and other innovative advertising programs across expansive fleets of aircraft. Every year, Inflite’s partner airlines transport millions of Canadians to and from vacation destinations around the world. Charter airlines offer advertisers the unique opportunity to reach an exclusively Canadian audience in an intimate and engaging environment. Charter aircraft fly frequently with high occupancy loads, ensuring maximum reach and efficiency for advertisers.

In partnership with Canada’s largest charter airlines, Inflite Media offers Advertisers the following advertising networks:

At Home

  • Ads in E-Ticket & travel docs
  • Monthly Airline e-Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Exposure on Travel Websites & Booking Engines

At the Airport

  • Ads printed on Boarding Cards
  • Luggage tag ads


  • Tray Table Advertising
  • Ads on In-flight Trolleys
  • Digital TV commercials before the in-flight movies
  • Radio Spots on the aircraft’s audio channels
  • Onboard sampling/hand-out programs
  • Custom executions & integrated programs

Inflite Media delivers an audience that’s literally strapped to their seats…

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